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Connie Lansberg featuring The Mark Fitzgibbon Trio


Saturday 9 June, 9:00pm
Lido Jazz Room

Connie Lansberg is a lover of story and melody fused with the freedom and interplay of great musicians. For this reason, The American Songbook is just the beginning of her inspiration. She is accomplished in taking great pop songs and arranging them for jazz musicians for the pleasure of her audience. 

As a songwriter as well as a jazz artist, her songwriting style was formed from the classic folk music her mother listened to when Connie was a small child – Simon and Garfunkle, Carole King and even the stories from retro American country.

Her first original album, Deep Dark Down & Blue, is a genre-bending collection of elegant stories and delicate melodies with Mark Fitzgibbon, Ben Robertson and Danny Fischer.

"Connie Lansberg has a voice that simply releases the melody. No tricks, no fancy stuff, Just gorgeous singing." Lindsay Coker - Lindsay Coker, 3 MBS 103.5 Jazz Radio.

"Poised, beautiful and stylishly attired Connie Lansberg commands her audience’s attention from the first note. The singing is clear, powerful and intimate all at the same time. Brilliant!” - Steve Robertson, Saturday Morning Jazz.