Experience the boundary pushing brilliance of the Australian Art Orchestra’s Hand to Earth in a unique setting sure to inspire.

As part of a very special evening, MIJF are taking over Melbourne Museum to present a series of unique micro-concerts, followed by a full-length performance of Australian Art Orchestra’s cross-cultural masterpiece Hand to Earth.

Tickets are available for either the full experience (3 short performances + Hand to Earth) or for Hand to Earth only.

To purchase tickets for the full experience – click here. Or to purchase tickets for Hand to Earth only, see below.



In a collaboration that spans continents and cultures, the Australian Art Orchestra’s Hand to Earth brings together Yolŋu songman Daniel Wilfred and Korean vocalist Sunny Kim for an exquisite performance expressing something of the here and now in music.

Daniel sings in language and is the keeper of Yolŋu manikay (songs) from North East Arnhem Land that can be traced back for over 40,000 years. Sunny sings in English and Korean and intones wordless gestures that invoke raw elemental forces. Together they sing of the stars, of fire and of the cooling rain.

Against a backdrop created by trumpeter/composer Peter Knight, David Yipininy Wilfred on yidaki and Aviva Endean on clarinets, their voices weave into minimalist soundscapes reminiscent of Brain Eno and Jon Hassell, their interplay and improvisation creating an immediate expression of contemporary Australia – a powerful reflection of the past caught vividly in the present.

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