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Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Paul Grabowsky

Chapel Off Chapel

“The two instruments encircle each other in a beguiling call and response, eventually so entwined that there is only their shared song.” ­– Audio Femme

In a performance that crosses cultural and musical boundaries, Chinese-Australian composer, performer and pioneer of modern guzheng music, Mindy Meng Wang will join with distinguished jazz artist and multi-award-winning Australian composer and pianist, Paul Grabowsky AO, for a truly unique musical exploration.

Considered one of the world’s leading guzheng instrumentalists, Wang produces evocative, experimental arrangements which meld beautifully with the astute piano work of her artistic partner, eight-time ARIA winner and two-time Helpmann Award recipient, Grabowsky. In this exclusive performance, the pair will take audiences on a poignant musical journey into the fertile space that exists between Chinese folk music and contemporary jazz practice.

Together, these two consummate musicians create a rich and dynamic sonic fusion, drawing from a diverse range of musical influences to unite elements of traditional Taiwanese and Chinese music with the classical touch of impressionist piano.


古箏和钢琴在这场演出中,跨越了中西文化,完美地交织、呼应。澳大利亚华裔作曲家、演奏家和现代古筝音乐的先锋,王萌(Mindy Meng Wang),将与多次获奖的着名澳大利亚爵士艺术家、作曲家和钢琴家,保罗·格拉博斯基(Paul Grabowsky AO)进行一场独特的音乐探索。


作为世界领先的古筝演奏家之一,王萌(Mindy Meng Wang)的音乐制作包含丰富的情感及实验性。她的艺术合作伙伴,钢琴家保罗·格拉博斯基(Paul Grabowsky AO),曾获得八次ARIA奖和两次Helpmann奖。在这场独家演出中,这对搭档将带领观众踏上一段难忘的音乐之旅,探索中国民间音乐和当代爵士乐之间的巧妙交会。



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