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The Festival is supported by generous individuals committed to ensuring that the Festival’s diverse program continues to develop for years to come.

John Stanhope AM and Sue Bailey

Leon Kempler AO

Robert Macfarlane

David Walker and Jennifer Darbyshire

Steven Carew

Shyama Jayaswal

Tony and Philippa Kelly

Jennifer Kerr

Liza Maimone

David Valmorbida

Mark Morand & Jenni Morris

Ian Endersby



We would also like to acknowledge those who generously contributed to our 20 for 20 Campaign in 2017 which celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. 

Hadley Agrez                   Jude Gun                      Kristan Parise

Christopher Archibald       David Geoffrey Hall         Gregory Parker

David Bardas                   Peter Hand                     Peter Parkinson

Suzanne Barton               Chris Herft                     Kevin Peterson

Frank Carlus                    Christiane Hervouet        Mary-Louise Phillips

Peter Cassidy                   Shane Hewitt                 Murray Piper

Benedict Chng                 Martin Jackson                Evelyn Pose

Min Li Chong                   Ramon Jimenez               Melanie Pose

David Clarke                    Gary Jones                     Valda Rubio

Mollie Collins                    Fotis Kapetopoulos         Janet Shelley

Gail Coote                       Jennifer Kerr                   Dr Mark Shiff Consulting

Neil Croker                      Leanora Levy                   John Sime

Susan De Jong                Michael Markowitz             Ranjan Tirimanne

Jane Den Hollander          Bianca Moore                   Josephine Topp

Claire Dobbin                  Deirdre Murphy                Geoffrey Whitelaw

Tonia Duncan                  Ted Nettelbeck                 Frank Williams

Daryl Efron                     Jessica Nicholas                Kenneth Williams

Ian Endersby                  Tronn Overend                 Neil Zimmerman

Barry Gilbert                   Ruth Paluch                

Boruk Gradman               Mary Papaioannou 



If you would like to donate to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival please see the Donate page on the website or alternatively contact Dean Worthington, Marketing and Development Manager on (03) 9001 1388 /