Board and Staff


John Stanhope AM (Chair), Michael Tortoni (Artistic Director), Rebecca MacFarling (Company Secretary), Sarah Bradly-McKay, Toby Chadd, Jennifer Darbyshire, Liza Maimone, David Valmorbida


CEO: Hadley Agrez

Business & Operations Manager: Shirrah Comeadow

Funding & Philanthropy Manager: Abby Elisha

Marketing & Partnerships Manager: Casselly Main

Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Chris Edkins

Senior Producer: Tom Browne

Producer, Special Projects: Holly Norman

Associate Producer: Claire Cross




Design & Brand

Web Design and Development
Design by Wolf & Efront

Common State


SAYSO Pty Ltd: Sam Ryan

Risk Management
Safety In Numbers: Tracey Wall

This work was developed in a studio managed by City of Melbourne under the Meat Market Studio program


Photography Credits

Our thanks to our volunteer photographers who capture the essence of the festival so beautifully.

Thank you

Ali Coad, Andre Jacques, Beau McCafferty, Ben Bowles, Ben Starick, Clare Hall, Danielle Rizk, Dean Worthington, Donna Attard, Evan Walker, Helen Champion, Henry Rasmussen, Jack Musset, Jamie Lewis, Jane Good, Jane Noonan, Jennifer Kerr, Jeremy Jankie, Juri Maekawa, Kate Rosenberg, Malcom Stanley, Maree Cations, Melanie Pose, Mike Gummery, Owen McKern, Paul Grabowsky AO, Paul Muller, Ruth Gormely, Sam Ryan, Sarah Neville, Sarah Penhal, Simon Abrahams, Sue Bailey, all the Festival Partners, Volunteers, Artists and of course our audiences for their continued support.