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The Voice of Drums

Melbourne Recital Centre, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall

Opening Act: Gian Slater - Grey is Ground

“An…explosive exploration of percussion set to the tense groove of civil unrest” – Limelight Magazine

Disruption! The Voice of Drums explores the primal power of the drum; as a force for disruption and protest, ceremony and healing, and creating ecstatic and transcendental experiences.

Drums have always been a vital cultural element during periods of dramatic change; a heartbeat of music, a centre for ritual, and most recently featured in protests across the world—from Hong Kong to Latin America to the United States.

Composer-saxophonist Jeremy Rose is joined by two virtuoso drummers, Simon Barker and Chloe Kim—alongside the Earshift Orchestra and powerful images by video artists Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig—to present a thrilling tribute to the timeless, visceral and disruptive power of the drum.

This concert will feature an opening performance: Gian Slater’s Grey is Ground.

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