Just like Dave Brubeck, we’re taking five each month to give you the scoop on five things we’re excited about.

There’s so much to be excited about in February – a jazz legend’s podcast with a new season and a hip-hop/jazz fusion album from an MIJF favourite.

Plus, live performances to see in person, including some R&B electro stylings at the Night Cat, cool jazz vibes every Sunday in Abbotsford and, if you’re in need of some relaxation (2020 is still in the review mirror for most of us) – a lullaby session by an ARIA-nominated pianist.

Whew, what a start to the year.

From Feb 7: Sunday Social Club at Lulie Tavern

Swillin’, swingin’, jazzin’ – three essentials covered at Lulie’s Sunday Social Club!

Kicking off at 3pm every Sunday on Johnston St, there’ll be live jazz and bottomless vino… need we say more? Artists include The Blue Devils, Chonk, Eamon McNelis & the Skellingtons and Sugarfoot Ramblers. Check it out here.

Feb 19: José James drops a new album

Known as a jazz singer for the hip-hop generation, José James combines jazz, soul and spoken words with drums and bass in his own brand of vocal jazz. He’s also known for his flashy attire.

Despite an entire year without shows, José found away to create and connect with audiences at the peak of the NYC lockdown. His new album is a first for him: an entirely live album capturing the effervescent and resilient New York City after the year that was 2020. Find out where to pre-order or pre-save ‘New York 2020’ here.

Feb 19: Audrey Powne at the Night Cat

If your music interests aren’t constrained by genre, Audrey’s set at the The Night Cat is one for you as she collaborates with future-soul composer Emma Volard and silky-toned vocalist Feign Jima. Trumpet, vocals, alternative R&B, electronic, soul – you name it, she can do it. Audrey is a musical powerhouse, and while 2020 gave us a lot to worry about it, it also brought on her return to Melbourne and release of her debut record, “Bed I Made”. Buy your tickets here.

Feb 24: A Lullaby Quartet at the Jazzlab

Originally created as a suite of lullabies to soothe both babies and their parents, Nat Bartsch’s music extends well beyond these moments, playing a part in many intensely personal moments.

You saw her at These Digital Times in 2020, now Nat is bringing her beautiful postclassical Lullaby Quartet to the Jazzlab for a night of soothing and meditative jazz. Saxophonist Angela Davis is the night’s special guest. Book your tickets here.

Feb 25: ‘The Hang’ with Gregory Porter and Diana Krall

If you’re a jazz enthusiast, you probably know Gregory Porter – legendary award-winning jazz vocalist and writer known for his blues and soul sound. His podcast, ‘The Hang with Gregory Porter’ sees him in discussion with musical creatives of all of genres, from John Legend and Hozier to Elvis Costello and February’s guest – jazz artist Diana Krall.

In need of a new podcast? Porter’s lighthearted discussion about music, life and all that’s in-between is a joy. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or Amazon.

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