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Complaints Handling Policy


This policy provides guidance to Melbourne International Jazz Festival customers and staff on how to proceed when a complaint arises. The Festival welcomes feedback and actively incorporates it into future planning.

The Festival has developed this policy to meet the requirements set out in Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice and its accompanying Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy.  Customers should consult that Code in the first instance.  If there are any inconsistencies between this policy and the LPA Code, the LPA Code will take precedence.

The Festival is committed to ensuring positive customer experiences and endeavours to resolve all complaints in a timely manner with a professional, fair and impartial approach.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Formally outline the Festival’s complaint management process
  • Outline the circumstances in which this policy may be applied
  • Provide guidance for staff and customers in lodging and responding to complaints
  • Outline the ways in which a complaint can be lodged with the Festival
  • Ensure that complaints are managed in a way that is fair, efficient and timely.

As the Festival utilises multiple venues and ticketing service providers, this policy aims to ensure a consistent handling of complaints across locations while providing a framework for consistent customer service at all Festival venues.

The Festival will not respond to any complaints which could be reasonably considered to be offensive, vexatious or abusive. 

Lodging a complaint

In general, if a customer has concerns regarding their Festival performance experience, ticket purchasing experience or other related Festival experience, they are encouraged in the first instance to raise their concerns directly with the team member providing the service, at the time that the concern arises.

If this is not feasible, or does not satisfactorily resolve the concern, customers should call the Festival office (03 9001 1388) or email to outline their concerns. The Festival may request that customers outline their complaint in writing after an initial discussion.

More specifically, the process for raising and addressing a complaint will vary depending on the time at which the matter arises:

  • If the complaint occurs prior to the performance, the complaint should be raised directly with the Festival or its ticketing service provider.
  • If the complaint occurs during the performance, customers should raise their concern with a Festival representative, or if none is present, with the venue’s Front of House Manager or staff. The Front of House Manager at each venue is the best person to identify Festival representatives for customers. The concern should be raised as soon as possible, ie within the first 30 minutes of the performance or at the earliest available opportunity (such as interval).
  • If the complaint occurs after the performance has taken place, customers should contact the Festival directly.

Complaints Management Process

In lodging a complaint with the Festival, whether in person, on the phone or via email or written communication, customers will need to provide:

  • Their name and preferred contact details
  • Details about the nature or circumstances of the complaint
  • The performance, event or experience which the complaint relates to (with date, time, and venue details if appropriate)
  • Information on any steps already taken to resolve the complaint
  • Copies of any supporting documents.

This information is required to assist the Festival in investigating the complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the case of a verbal complaint, the Festival may request that the customer provide the details of their complaint in writing after the initial discussion.

Once the required information is provided, the Festival will assess the circumstances or cause of the complaint, the outcome or effect, and any subsequent actions. In undertaking the assessment and determining an appropriate response, the Festival will liaise with relevant team members or external service providers as appropriate, and may contact the customer to obtain further information regarding the complaint.


Once the complaint has been assessed, the Festival will determine an appropriate resolution, action or response according to the nature of the complaint, and will advise the customer of this response in writing within ten business days of receiving the complaint.

The Festival may, at its discretion, direct the complaint to a service provider to follow up or resolve, but will remain involved in the complaints resolution process until it is finalised.

If the customer indicates their satisfaction with the Festival’s response, or does not reply to the Festival’s response within 30 business days, the matter will be considered resolved.

Further redress

If customer is unhappy with the Festival’s response, or the complaint cannot be resolved directly between the customer and the Festival (or a Festival service provider), the customer may refer the matter to the Live Performance Australia Complaints Officer, who will deal with the complaint in accordance with the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice. For further details see: