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23 May, 2017

In a brand-new collaboration, award-winning trio Kristin Berardi (voice), Sean Foran (piano) and rafael Karlen (saxophone) present a suite of new music with guest artist Pascal Schumacher for MIJF 2017. We caught up with pianist, Sean Foran ahead of their performance. 

How did you get into jazz?

It started when I was in high school… I’d be learning classical piano for a while, and my Dad would play Errol Garner, Oscar Peterson and Dave Grusin albums around the house…. that got me interested initially.  

Who are your biggest influences?

It’s such a tricky question… but I suppose as a pianist - John Taylor, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Errol Garner, as a composer Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Thelonious Monk. Then I think it’s  the vast number of Australian musicians that I’ve listened to… I really think that I’ve been strongly influenced by so many great Australian artists, and also the musicians I work with. 

How did the BFK collaboration come about?

We had a show in Brisbane a couple of years ago (Rafael, Kristin and myself),  something at an art gallery as part of a jazz/classical series… we’d performed with each other before in various situations, but never just as a trio. It was just one of those things where we thought.. hmm.. this is cool… so we just started working on material to play together and record. After we released our debut album “Hope in My Pocket” we talked about the idea of collaborating with a musician that would be really complementary to the sound of the trio. Pascal is an artist that we all admire so much as a player and composer… so he was the perfect choice. Luckily the timing worked, and here we are. These shows are the debut performances of this new collaboration and we’ll also be recording an album of the material.


Photo: L-R BFK members Rafael Karlen, Kristin Berardi with Sean

Who’s on the top of your playlist at the moment?

The Brad Mehldau/Chris Thile duo album. Magic. 

What’s something we may not know about you? 

I quite enjoy a game of golf, and used to be decent!! Although I don’t play anywhere near enough. 

What are you most looking forward to about coming to Melbourne?

Just the great feeling of being in the city… there’s a wonderful energy for live music. I do also quite enjoy the food and coffee. 

See Sean Foran perform with BFK + Pascal Schumacher at The Toff in Town on Tuesday 6 June. Book tickets here.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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